DOI Safety and Health Program Evaluation Overview

For Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Programs to be successful, they should be evaluated periodically.  The scope of the program, information collected, and processes reviewed need to be known in advance.  This is proficient for the reviewers and those being reviewed (as well as educational).  The Department if the Interior’s evaluation process identifies the sequencing, scope, and information that must be available for a successful review and evaluation.  The program is designed to collect objective evidence that demonstrates conformance with OHS regulations and overall OHS program performance

In the following pages are OHS program elements listed as review sections with corresponding types of objective evidence that should be used in conducting the OHS program review and evaluation.  The degree of detail shown within each section may not be needed for every organization, but the section (i.e., element) should be part of any organization’s OHS program.

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Program Evaluation Workbook

Safety and Occupational Health Program Evaluation Outline

  1. Safety and Occupational Health Program Planning
    1. Management Leadership
    2. Policy and Communication
    3. Responsibility and Authority
    4. Employee Participation
  2. Safety and Occupational Health Program Implementation
    1. Workplace survey, analysis, corrective and preventative actions
    2. OHS Hierarchy of Controls:
      1. Engineering
      2. Administrative
      3. PPE
    3. Incident Investigation
    4. Education, Training and Awareness
    5. Design Review and Management of Change
    6. Procurement
    7. Contractors
    8. Occupational Health Program
    9. Emergency Preparedness
  3. Safety and Occupational Health Program Evaluation
    1. Bureau/regional leading indicators, objectives and objective implementation and measurement
    2. Monitoring, Assessment and Prioritization
    3. Initial Bureau Reviews and Evaluations
    4. Management Review (Processes, Outcomes and Follow-ups)

Safety and Occupational Health Program Evaluation References:

  1. ANSI/AIHA Z10-2005 American National Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
  2. OSHA Instruction FAP 1.3 Federal Agency Safety and Health Programs
  3. OSHA Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines (Federal Register, Volume 54, number 16, pages 3904 to 3916)
  4. DOI Safety Management Evaluation Criteria, 1989
  5. DOI Secretary’s Safety Award Criteria, 1989
  6. National Safety Council Accident Prevention Manual for Business and Industry, 11th Edition.

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