Information and Resources for Safety and Health Managers

Safety managers in the bureaus and offices assist managers and supervisors in better performing their safety and health responsibilities through the identification of deficiencies before incidents occur, or the identification and correction of deficiencies through the analysis of accidents.  Safety managers understand management roles and responsibilities at all levels in the bureau or office, and work knowledgeably and effectively towards continual improvement of the bureau/office safety management system.  The safety manager also promotes improvements in employee safety and advocates for controlling losses through the application of management principles.  

  • Advanced Training for Safety Managers
    (Under Construction)
  • Hazard Recognition and Abatement Accident Investigation - Advanced (Under Construction)
    • Program Management
      (Under Construction)
  • Safety and Health Manager Certification Program
    (Under Construction)
  • Reports and Statistical Analysis
    • OSHA logs by Establishment
      • How to run OSHA 300 / 300 A
  • Workers' Compensation
    • CA-1, CA-2 Tracking and Review
  • Safety and Health Program Overview
  • Working Groups
    (Under Construction)
    • Response to Recommendations
      (Under Construction)
  • Templates and Program Formats
    (Under Construction)
  • Checklists
    (Under Construction)
  • Program Evaluations
    (Under Construction)
  • Workbook
    (Available June 2009)
  • Evaluation Training Program
    (Available June 2009)
  • Evaluation Archive
    (Available June 2009)
  • Resources

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