Disaster Preparedness

Are you ready for a disaster? Have you made a plan?  Prepared and emergency kit? 

There are things DOI employees and their families can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as making an emergency supply kit and developing a family communications plan.  These are the same for both a natural or man-made emergency.  However, there are important differences among potential emergencies that will impact the decisions you make and the actions you take. Emergency preparedness is not the sole concern of the Department or the bureaus, individually we must take responsibility for our own survival.

Preparedness must now account for man-made disasters as well as natural ones. Knowing what to do during an emergency is an important part of being prepared and may make all the difference when seconds count.  The information on the following pages is designed to help you, as an individual, prepare for an emergency.

You can earn more about the potential emergencies and the appropriate way to respond to them at: www.ready.gov.  In addition, you can learn about the emergency plans that have been established in your local area by contacting your state and local government.

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